Fantastic Breasts & Where To Find Them - Katie Thornton - Scoreland

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Description: Oil, oil and more oil. Pour that oil on, Katie Thornton, and rub it into your fantastic breasts, your sleek legs, your shoulders. Keep pouring it on. The oil truck is standing by if you need more. Let your hot bod shine in the sun.Unbelievably gorgeous Katie Thornton spends the day at poolside and her ultimate bikini body needs pampering. Oil. Sun. A cool pool. From oiling her supple skin to taking off her bikini to skinny dipping to petting her smooth pussy and tasting her fingers, this is Katie's day to share her sweet body at SCORELAND. There's even underwater footage of Katie's big British breasts when she is in the pool."I love wearing bikinis," said Katie, a girl who collects and frames her SCORE covers. "I love vacationing and spending time in places like Miami where I can wear bikinis all day and even shop for bikinis while I'm visiting SCORE." The clerks probably trip all over themselves trying to serve her...unless they're girls.