AKGINGERSNAPS & Lana Mars in Poly Family Life: Alaska Road Trip - Episode 3

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Description: 'We'll mingle with the locals -- blow their minds with the polyamory.' 'Daddy' Lana Mars are on an adventure of a lifetime as they travel across the stunning state of Alaska. What makes this trip even more amazing is that they are polyamorous, meaning that they are in a loving relationship with each other. Although there's more love to share, there are also unique challenges as well... They admit that one of the hardest parts about being in a polyamorous relationship is all the distractions! Having one sexy partner is distracting enough, but when you have TWO... It's clear that, when they get the rare chance, there's no shortage of fun to be had. It seems like no matter what they're doing, someone's always trying to get a rise out of someone else. Although polyamory comes with its own set of challenges and problems, it's clear that it has its benefits as well!