Emma Hix in Desert Sunset - PlayboyPlus

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Description: Becoming a Playboy All Star is definitely at the top of my list of what I'm proud of, says Emma Hix. Closing out the month with this last pictorial as our featured adult star, Emma is on location in Palm Springs with the photographer, Agent X. As the sun sets, Emma takes in all her beautiful surroundings. Originally from Kelowna, Canada, Emma says her hometown reminds her of where she lives now. It has almost the exact same vibe as L.A., but less people, she shares. It's beautiful, and the lakes are insanely gorgeous. I miss everything about my hometown, but mostly I miss my family. When she's not working, Emma enjoys spending her time outdoors. I love boating, swimming honestly anything with water, she says. I love movie nights, food, and learning how to cook! I also play the piano. When dating, Emma looks for someone as silly as she is. I feel it's easy to connect with someone who can laugh at themselves, she tells us. I don't hold expectations too high for first dates. For all I care, we could eat Taco Bell, and if we click and have fun, that's all that matters. Get to know more about our April 2021 All Star, Emma Hix, right here on Playboy Plus! exclusive photos and videos from PlayboyPlus