Oktoberfest - PlayboyPlus

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Description: We're celebrating Oktoberfest in this week's Editor's Choice gallery and video. Get reacquainted with German Playmates Margarita Gajewska, Bana Hamawandi, Lena Klahr, Jessica Witmann, and Stella Tiana Stegmann, as we take you back to their unforgettable pictorials. First, have a day in the sun with Margarita, Germany's Miss April 2021. What I like most about myself is my heartfelt laugh, says Margarita. I would describe myself as extroverted, friendly, and helpful. In addition to modeling, Margarita studies psychology. I study in between jobs, she tells us. My professional goal is to become a psychotherapist. Next, grab a glass with Stella, Germany's Miss October 2019. I am so happy to be the Oktoberfest Playmate, says Stella. I think she is always a little sweeter than other Playmates. Originally from Frankfurt, Stella is dressed in traditional attire as the camera captures her. I think every woman in a dirndl looks beautiful! The shoot was a great experience. See more of Germany's most beautiful models right here on Playboy Plus. exclusive photos and videos from PlayboyPlus