Amalie Olufsen for Playboy International Vol. 2 - PlayboyPlus

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Description: International Playmate Amalie Olufsen returns to Playboy Plus with a second round of photos from her shoot with Ana Dias for Playboy International, and trust usyou dont want to miss these shots. Riding in style, Amalie takes to the streets and then the pool on location in Portugal. For Olufsen, its essential to put her artistry into all her endeavors. A lot of photographers I have worked with have been surprised at home much creative input I have, she shares. I wish more people knew how hardworking I am and how much I put into what I do. For me, modeling is not just standing in front of a camera doing a pose; it is much more than that. Amalies artistic aspirations go far beyond modeling, too. I am working on becoming an actress, she tells us. Im also working on setting up my own unique clothing brand. I have a lot of creativity I want to put out there in the world. I love doing things differently and challenging the norm. Make sure to check out Vol. 1 of Amalies spread, right here on Playboy Plus. exclusive photos and videos from PlayboyPlus