DizzyMsLizzyy in Intimate Matters - PlayboyPlus

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Description: Welcome newcomer, DizzyMsLizzyy to Playboy Plus is this romantic debut from the photographer, Madeline Northway. On location in a gorgeous courtyard garden in Austin, Texas, DizzyMsLizzyy tells us all about herself while dressed in Dottie’s Delights and Marie Mur. “My most sincere passion is modeling,” says the pinup model and paralegal. “Modeling has allowed me to express myself entirely. It continues to motivate me and inspire me to push bigger boundaries.” Radiating a classic Playboy vibe, DizzyMsLizzyy’s vintage look is totally intentional and something she holds dearly. “I love to collect pre-1960s vintage,” she tells us, “both clothes and home decor. You name it, and I probably got it!” DizzyMsLizzyy is also a lover of vintage Playboys, making this experience particularly special. “I first discovered Playboy at a friend’s house, and her dad was a collector. We happened upon his collection by accident, and my eyes were glued to the beautiful imagery,” she shares. “I was inspired and enticed at once. It changed everything for me.” Posing nude is a way of self-celebration for DizzyMsLizzyy. “I feel so powerful as a woman to be able to strip off the layers and still feel my best,” she says thoughtfully. “Nudity is so liberating — you’re able to truly feel the most like yourself.” Stick around for more from DizzyMsLizzyy, right here on Playboy Plus! exclusive photos and videos from PlayboyPlus