Jane Wilde in Proud Pervs: Hotter Yoga, Scene #01

Duration: 6min 14sec Views: 30 Submitted: 7 months ago
Description: Jane Wilde has brought her boyfriend, Robby Echo, to his first hot yoga class. They walk in to find a few other students (Anny Aurora, Destiny Cruz, and Alexia Anders) getting ready, waiting for the instructor to appear. Jane and Robby find two available spots and sit down, though Robby appears very cranky about the whole thing, complaining about the room being too hot. An exasperated Jane reminds him for the hundredth time that this is HOT yoga, so the room is supposed to be hot. Besides, if he gives it a chance, she's certain that he'll enjoy himself. Isiah Maxwell enters, revealing himself to be the substitute yoga teacher. As Isiah gives an introduction to the class, he spots out of the corner of his eye that Jane and Robby are arguing, and a mischievous spark of inspiration pops into his eye. Since Robby is a new student, Isiah makes him to go the front of the class, so that he is facing away from Jane in the back. The class moves through a series of ground poses, among which Isiah gives Jane some special attention, guiding her with his hands and rubbing his crotch against her ass. Isiah guides the class into some standing poses, and once again, Isiah comes closer to Jane and gives her some one-on-one treatment. He stands behind her, guiding her hips and bosom with his hands. When he's sure that the rest of the class, and Robby, aren't looking he begins kissing Jane, who loves it. They start making out and over-the-clothes groping each other in the back of the class. Jane then climbs up onto him, letting Isiah carry her mid-air as they continue to kiss. As he continues to guide the unsuspecting class down to their knees for some other poses, Isiah whips out his cock, and Jane sucks him off while kneeling. She then gets on all fours and lets Isiah rim and eat her out from behind, after which he fucks her in doggystyle. After a brief check-in to make sure all the other students are calm and meditative, Isiah gets fully undressed and fucks Jane in a bulldog pose. He then flips her onto her back and they have missionary-style sex together in various alterations until Isiah cums on Jane's face while she jerks him off. Is it just them, or is it hot in here? Oh well... namaste!