Charlotte Sins in Grinders - Part 2, Scene #02

Duration: 6min 15sec Views: 21 Submitted: 6 months ago
Description: Lucky Fate, a skater just trying to find his way in late 90s LA, rolls up to his favorite skatepark. There are good vibes all around, with people shredding the pavement and grinding those rails like there's no tomorrow. It's clear that whatever else may be going on in Lucky's 'unlucky' life, he feels right at home here. Sometime later, Lucky hangs out with his friend Kim (Charlotte Sins), who asks him what he'll do once Paul goes to jail tomorrow. Lucky says he'll probably take over Paul's business, but Kim warns him that that might get Lucky arrested too. After all, police are keeping tabs on the warehouse day and night. Robby Echo, one of Lucky's other friends, notices a drawing of Morgan Davis (Maya Woulfe) in Lucky's sketchbook. When it becomes clear that Lucky has a crush on her, Robby, Kim, and a few other friends (Lilly Bell, Vanna Bardot, and Nathan Bronson) all start cheering for Lucky to give Morgan a call. An hour later, Lucky, Kim, and Robby pick Morgan up. They take off down the road, heading to Robby's friend's house. When they arrive at the location, they are wowed by a glamorous backyard, including a heated pool. They frolic together in the water, having the time of their lives. At one point, Lucky and Morgan go inside to dry off, leaving Kim and Robby alone by the pool. It seems like things are only getting started between these two, however, as Kim pulls Robby's underwear off to reveal his hard cock. They run off to a secluded corner of the backyard oasis and have playful, energetic sex which includes some deep, poolside anal. Far out, man!