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Description: “Art fuels my soul,” says Krystal Kitten as she returns for her second gallery and video from the photographer, Cassandra Keyes. In Mexico, Krystal heads to the pool to catch the sunrise. “I’m a very passionate and intense person,” she says. “I had a revelation within the past couple of years that I was put on this Earth to perform and create. I am an artist at heart.” For Krystal, that art is specifically modeling and photography. “Being a part of bringing someone’s vision to life is what truly excites me about modeling,” she shares. “It’s a feeling of vulnerability and empowerment. I would say that’s the most rewarding part of it all.” When she’s not working, Krystal appreciates art in other forms, good food, and spending time with her loved ones. “Music, fitness, family, friends, pets, and travel have all brought joy to my life,” she says. “I enjoy playing guitar, sushi, painting, drawing, and wrapping crystals. I’m just in love with doing artistic things.” Stay tuned for more from Krystal Kitten right here on Playboy Plus! exclusive photos and videos from PlayboyPlus