Ricki Raxxx: How To Win Wet T-Shirt Contests - Ricki Raxxx - Scoreland

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Description: Ricki Raxxx describes and shows in complete detail how she easily wins wet T-shirt contests. This video should be shown in adult education classes for college credit. The other contestants might as well just go home when they see who they're up against. After this lesson in how to win at wet T-shirt contests, Ricki takes off her heels, tank top and bikini bottoms to take a dip in the pool and cool off her hot skin. The super-busty brunette with 44M-cup tits emerges dripping wet to spank her pussy on a lounger. Couch dancing has always been one of Ricki's many skills. It's a hot, sunny day for a wet T-shirt lesson. Ricki is hotter. "My fetish is size," said super-slim and stacked Ricki. She admires Minka and how big-busted Minka got. "I have a big breast fetish. Big breasts and big butts."