Katie Kush in Summer Anthem - PlayboyPlus

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Description: Get ready for summer and pool days with the adult star, Katie Kush. Returning for her second feature, Katie is on set in sunny Las Vegas, Nevada, with the photographer Marlowe Holt capturing her. Owning and showing your sexuality [creates] confidence in who you are, and there is no shame in that, says Katie of posing nude. I love my job I've learned so much about myself and love [how it] helps me continue growing. For Katie, supporting others is what feeling empowered is about. Female empowerment looks like someone who is always lifting others and other women, she shares. I feel most empowered when doing things to better my life and career and helping others do the same. When she's not working, Katie is usually taking in some nature. My hobbies? Hiking and paddle boarding! See more from Katie Kush here on Playboy Plus! exclusive photos and videos from PlayboyPlus