Tall teenage lifeguard's beauty will take your breath away, and her wet slit will make want to dive in.

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Description: Hazel used to be a lifeguard. Imagine seeing this tall, lithe brunette soaking-wet in a bathing suit. Although she swears she went mostly unnoticed at the time, we bet there were plenty of boys who stayed in the water to hide their hard-ons when she was on duty. "I was the shy, nerdy, emo girl on the swim team, so I didn't get much attention. Until some of the guys noticed that I have nice tits." If she was shy and nerdy then, she's blossomed into a sultry sex kitten whom guys definitely notice now. In this video, Hazel seductively strips off her clothes, strokes her soft bush and spreads her eager pussy. Although her lifeguard days are behind her, we have a feeling she still does a lot of mouth-to-mouth and mouth-to-other body parts, too.